Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing Service 1000 Available

To print .GCODE (machine language) ready files.*

$25.00 Hour rate

* Material cost calculated separately upon completion
- filament is $0.25 per gram.

Covert CAD files to Print Files 1000 Available

To Convert your AutoCAD files* to 3D Print Ready (machine language) files.

$150 Hourly rate

* Examples=

.3DS, .OBJ, .DWG, .DXF

Create AutoCAD Designs 1000 Available

Produce original 3D AutoCAD files from Hand Drawings or Sketches.

$250 Hourly rate

3D Printer Training 10 Available

Training on how to properly Operate your new 3D Printer, filament changes & handling safety, printer usage &maintenance. [Per User]


3D Printer Setup & Configuration 10 Available

Setup and Configure your new 3D Printer to start Volume Production immediately. [Per 3D Printer]


On-Site 3D Printer Service 1000 Available

3D Printer servicing &maintenance at your location.

$125 Hourly rate

PLA Filaments 100 Available

1.75mm 1Kg (2.2lb)

$30.00 ea.
Colors = White, Black, Red, Burgundy, Brown, Silver, Clear, Blue, Green, Wood, Gold

Carbon Filaments 100 Available

1.75mm .5Kg (1lb)

$90.00 ea.
Colors = Black